About Martin Patrick

Writing is like an aphrodisiac to me, it gives me a great lift!

Dr Martin Patrick MA PGCHE

Without the impact of novels, music, films and plays in my life as a boy, I’d never understand the true meaning of the creative spirit that has enabled me to befriend people and learn from the world we live in.

My second novel, Love Both Ways, helped me to draw on the Diversity and Equality policies that I profoundly believe in, as a Black British author. I discovered my love for writing as a teenager. I studied Visual Art History and Drama as an undergraduate, Film and Media's influence on Race and Gender Politics during my Masters, and then Cultural Studies and Narrative History on my Ph.D 

research studies.

These studies have informed my creative writing from my debut play Where To Now in 1988, my debut novel JJ’s Isolation and my British debut novel, Love Both Ways in 2016.

My first stage of achieving this began as the Writer in Residence at the Dyhard Theatre Company. I wrote five plays. They were co-produced in London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and New York City. First, 1987 Where To Now won me the 1988 new playwright’s award from the London Playwrights’ Coop.


1988 Jamboree, Oval House Theatre. 1989 Secrets, Gate Theatre London and Frankfurt University Theatre. 1990 Give It Up Mum at Kings Head Islington. Also the winner of the Independent Newspaper: Second Phase play award, 1990 Give It Up Mum Co-Produced by the Frank Silvera Theatre of Harlem. 1992 Words into Dance and Drama - A Multimedia Happening, Touring Europe with other Black Arts Shows. 1993 Romance and Treason, Kings Theatre Chelsea and selected by Kwakoe Black Arts, Amsterdam.

In 1994 I became a Lecturer in Drama and Film Studies and learned about the passion of performers and aspiring writers.

Since 2010, I have built on every lesson I taught and learned from graduates’ to focus on my writing, and now I am proud to start a Writers’ Masterclass Consultation for LGBT, Black, and Asian aspiring authors’ who have told me, there is little or no support for them to explore, examine and create stories about their identities. I aim to change that.



In the era of Reaganomics, Thatcherism and terrorist threat, JJ’s Isolation is played out in the highest ranks of London society in Mayfair and Whitehall, Manhattan’s corporate elite and the Secret Service. From 1978-1991 JJ works as an Agent for the Anti-Terrorist Union. As an intellectual and debonair Black entrepreneurial gay man, he has the power to seduce and to kill. His life changes when he falls in love with the wrong man. Over seven years he learns why his romantic spirit puts him in danger in America and Europe. Although he’s unafraid of love he is paranoid about racism. When his best friend falls in love with him, they are exploited by friends and family as they struggle to survive death threats. This is a story of great love, passion, Anglo-American patriotism and free enterprise. Set in the exclusive world of glamour, political power, and the natural beauty of Arizona. The action involves spies, terrorists, perverts and tyrants. Across a landscape of racial diversity, mysticism and erotic enlightenment, three Agents, JJ, Carlos and Jonathan, find love and marriage in a climate of terrorism and death.


“This is the love story you’ve been waiting for.” – Human Rights Activist, London, UK


Released January 31st 2017


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