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As a student, I worked at one of London’s Art Cinemas and I watched films from all over the world. The work of Bergman, Hitchcock, Fellini, Woody Allen, Scorsese, Renoir, Almodóvar and Kurosawa sparked my imagination about the universality of emotions. Things we all feel regardless of nationality. So, with every one of their great films it compelled me to think about the way people struggle in life to be free, loved, artistic and exceptional. Due to the ‘inspiring work’ of these visual story tellers, I wanted to write and include the men and women from a Black cultural heritage in stories I could create.

The first time I saw the play Othello it was a profound and life changing moment because I was watching a heroic Black man destroyed by the evil and irrational Iago. I was spellbound by this inspiring work of the genius William Shakespeare! When I later read the play I was able to examine every detailed aspect of the character and narrative and that’s when I wanted to be a writer.



In that same year I discovered the true talent of Stevie Wonder through his album Innervisions and that work brought me to tears of Joy because it was so brilliant to discover how a man’s vision could bring together the universal quest and plea for unity by using Jazz, Soul and Funk and Spoken word poetry to lyrically tell the world about love and peace, that’s ours for the making if we look inside ourselves… through inner visions.

That same year I saw my favourite American film of all time, Chinatown and the next day I saw Fellini’s Amarcord, that weekend I saw the Godfather Part II and the day after, I heard Stephen Sondheim’s Follies for the first time.  As if that wasn’t enough, I began reading James Baldwin’s Tell Me How Long The Train’s Been Gone. That was it! I knew all these inspiring works helped me to identify my true calling, as a writer.


I went on to read, watch, listen and study literature, drama, film, and performance but the night in that same year when I walked out of a theatre having just seen Cat On A Hot Tin Roof  I was hooked. Now, at this stage of my life I want to inspire work in writers who believe they have a story to tell but can’t find the words as yet. The book is in you. Through consultation and coaching I aim to help you to write about life issues that matter to you, because your life’s culture has not been fully explored.


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