A screenwriter's journey with the Great New Writers Company

January 23, 2017

Dr Martin Patrick, the Director of the Great New Writers Company, offers tips for starting and completing the script with one of his dedicated clients. 

Mr Bains is a father of three and full time business man with a job that requires his managerial experience and savvy. He is rushed off his feet and lives a hectic life. Something is missing however. In his heart and mind, he wants to write a script, that has an epic story. With the full knowledge of Indian life and its responsibilities, Mr Bain has come to a decision. With everything he has to do, he is going to write his script. 


I've decided to document how he divides his time. Sets up a time management process that will enable him to write his script and learn how to manage the character, story/plot structure of the screenplay with my help and his determination to start and complete the script. 


I believe this is going to be very beneficial to other writers to learn what it takes to get the work done and what an aspiring writer has to do in managing his family and home life; in addition to dedicating himself to finding his creative spark and living it every day. Therefore, I will recount his achievements as the script develops, and Mr Bains changes his work from a businessman who wants to provide his family with more than they have right now. That is to say, he wants to be an inspiration to his family and show them, there is more to him than his current job allows him to be. I am so glad that our Skype and telephone conferences are working to move his life forward. Follow his story on my Facebook Page. 

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