Love Both Ways - A New Romance novel

March 10, 2017

The story is about two fathers who fall in love. Set in some of the most beautiful locations and homes in London and Rome, it's a love story about change in our 21st century era. I wanted to read a story about Black and Gay pride. CLICK HERE to watch the Interview with Dr Martin Patrick

David is the eldest son of the richest and most famous Black family in London. His Romanian wife is blonde bombshell and adulteress. Michael is an Italian father from a poor background in Rome who’s been devoted to his Jamaican wife and kids. David’s privileged education has made him one of the most successful music producers in Britain and Michael’s intelligence as led him from a University Professorship to become a prosperous Art Dealer.


When David and Michael meet, it’s more than sex appeal that draws them together. It’s the racial and social bonds between Michael’s youngest son and David’s only son that also unites them.


We live in a world that struggles towards equality and that was the major compulsion that inspired me to write this new romance about two fathers who refused to carry on illicit affairs behind their wives back and dishonour their families. I wanted to create a Gay Romance between men of African and European heritage that would show how much they shared as men that have cultivated their admiration for Afrocentric and Eurocentric history. I was totally disinterested in any kind of ghetto narrative with its slang, slobs, guns and drugs. 


I wanted to read a modern novel about men who love both ways that defies assumptions and perceptions. I couldn’t find one, therefore, I wrote one. My greatest inspiration for the novel were the lives of Oscar Wilde, Leonard Bernstein, Cole Porter, Sir Michael Redgrave, Sir Alan Bates, all of whom were men who love both ways.

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