Better than Good

November 6, 2017

At University, I took a Creative Writing Course and learned almost nothing. As the only gay man in the class, I was sick to death of the teacher and classmates hetero-normative proclamations about life and ‘Art’. I found the Great New Writers online and from the minute I met Dr Martin Patrick at Hackney Library I was knocked out by his passion for life, writing and visual arts. He said on his website that he loved films and theatre, but I wasn’t prepared for how much he knows.

Once I started private classes with him, I was reminded of everything I had to hide and push back because at Uni, nobody wanted to hear about my dreams and visions of LGBTQ life as it is now. So I started studying what Martin calls the “philosophical psychology” of my character’s life and everything I write now is drawing on what I’ve been researching through Carl Jung, Claude Lévi-Straus & Joseph Campbell because of Martin’s guidance. I’ve prepared so much over the last month and now I’ve got the premise of my novel clear in my mind, so I’m about to start writing. Martin you asked me to say something about our teaching and learning experience for your website and the important thing to say is that you’re the best teacher I could ever wish for.


Harold Malwarie

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