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February 7, 2018

Dr. Martin Patrick and Bill Leach.

I want to thank you both for helping me complete my novel. Martin, as I explained, I’d been stuck for over a year on my book, unable to write a satisfactory middle third, taking me out of act two to the beginning of act three. When you showed me how to use my character’s psychological limitations and ego ambitions to develop his goal, I was stunned how you got me back into writing. The three hours we spent on exploring how the story and plot are tied to who my hero is, totally helped me understand what I’d been struggling with. Exploring his psyche made me wonder why tutors in other writers’ groups hadn’t picked up on this. 

Bill, when I followed what Martin told me to do, by watching and listening to the director’s commentary of the film Collateral and several other Michael Mann films, it was amazingly inspiring to me. Thanks Bill for the four days you spent with me going through all that material so that when I went back to Martin with my re-writes, I had obviously moved forward. The two of you lifted me out of the pit of depression. When a writer gets blocked, that's no joke. If only I found you earlier I could have saved myself a lot of time. But you you guys got me writing again after some well spent hours of close textual analysis. Now, I've finished my novel.

Guys, ‘May the Force Be With You.’

Vince Downing. Feb 2018.

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